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Did you know that more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies participate in barter relationships?

eXmerce members finance purchases of things they need out of additional sales of their own product or service. By using eXmerce, each purchase is offset by extra sales, excess inventory, or spare capacity.

  1. Increase Sales

    eXmerce introduces your business to an entirely new group of potential customers, partners, and allies. With access to more than 350 local members, your sales will increase!

    One of the great benefits to your company is the incredible exposure you receive through eXmerce. eXmerce introduces your business to a new market, brings in new customers and provides new networking opportunities within an exclusive community.

  2. Save Cash

    eXmerce eliminates the need to pay cash for ongoing business expenses. You not only save money with each purchase but it is all paid for with new incremental business brought to you by the eXmerce network. This effectively allows you to purchase products and services at your own variable cost.

    Unlike fixed costs that don’t change regardless of the volume of customers, variable costs, or cost of goods, are incremental expenses that a business incurs as a direct result of selling a product or service. They are usually a fraction of the selling cost. For example, a restauranteur’s variable cost is the cost of food he or she serves, approximately $0.30 for every dollar of food sold. Other examples of variable costs include ink and paper for a printer, building materials for a construction company and gas for a charter bus business.

  3. Turn Idle Resources into Profit

    eXmerce provides a channel for your business to fill idle capacity and to also help your business sell inventory that has been discontinued, difficult to sell, or clearance items. Instead of discounting your inventory for a deep cash discount, you can now sell your hard to move inventory at full retail value in Trade Dollars to members of our exchange. The Trade Dollars earned can then be used to purchase items to help offset your business cash expenses