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Who we are

eXmerce is a membership-based organization. Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using eXmerce dollars, which are equivalent to Canadian dollars.

eXmerce acts as a third-party record keeper, just like a bank, providing monthly statements and current dollar balance. Unlike a bank, however, we connect you directly with other members. eXmerce brings you new customers to purchase your products and services with eXmerce dollars. You can then use those eXmerce dollars to offset current business expenses by purchasing products and services from other members without using valuable cash resources.

What we do

We work closely with our members to help promote their products and services, build new business relationships and facilitate barter transactions between companies that might not have done business together otherwise. Our members preserve vital cash resources and maximize their productivity while improving their bottom line.

eXmerce has an extensive and diverse member list that expands every day.

The bottom line? You can increase your client base, sales, market share and cash flow when you buy and sell regularly through eXmerce.